APHN member groups, Passive House Northwest, Passive House California, Passive House New Mexico and New York Passive House are among the U.S. regional groups holding open houses to celebrate the 9th annual International Passive House Days. The International Passive House Days are an annual opportunity for the public to view and tour Passive Houses and buildings constructed using the Passive House approach—the fastest growing approach to creating high performance buildings.
In the United States, more than 100 buildings have been built to the standard, and hundreds more are on the drawing boards. At least 26 buildings across the United States will be open for viewing during this international event. Links to some of the regional events are below.In addition to houses in these regions, there are Passive Houses to tour in Minnesota, Wisconsin, New England, and New Mexico.
Worldwide approximately 2,000 buildings meeting the Passive House standard will be open for tours, including schools, offices, single family homes, condos, apartment buildings, and other institutional and commercial buildings. The International Passive House Days demonstrate that the approach is practical in climates throughout the world. And, the event allows people throughout the world to join together in taking concrete, practical steps right now to reduce their energy consumption and greenhouse gas production.
Regional event links:
Passive House Northwest
Passive House California
Passive House New Mexico
New York Passive House