The North American Passive House Network (NAPHN) is a virtual information hub that shares up-to-date news, events, and other knowledge resources related to Passive House in the United States. Founded by members of Passive House California, Passive House Northwest, New York Passive House, and Passive House New England, APHN helps promote Passive House across the country in an inclusive manner. Membership now includes: Passive House New Mexico and the Canadian Passive House Institute.

NAPHN’s Mission:
Support Passive House advocates by openly gathering nationwide Passive House building experience and sharing it for the greater benefit of all.
Maintain open and transparent communication with all, fostering a member-driven and democratically governed organization.
Promote the Passive House standard.
Cooperate with building science, green building, educational and other organizations with shared interests

NAPHN’s Founding Guidelines:

Organizational Priorities: Organized as a virtual information hub to share information about Passive House among regional Passive House groups and the public at large. The intent of the organization is to maintain this resource using a small footprint so that minimal financial demands are placed on member groups.


Regional PH groups are members of NAPHN. Individuals and companies cannot be members of NAPHN.

Organizational Form:

NAPHN is currently operating as an unincorporated association of the member organizations and will eventually adopt the simplest legal structure necessary to accomplish the Network’s functions. Representatives from the member organizations meet regularly as an organizing committee and make decisions based on equal representation of each member organizations. At present, each member organization has two votes, and the representatives strive to achieve consensus.

Finances: Financial support will be provided by regional PH groups contributing mutually agreed upon dues, which initially are $50 each. Individuals and companies may financially support NAPHN through direct sponsorships and gifts.

Services Provided: NAPHN’s services are to be limited to those action priorities noted above or future tasks that are mutually agreed upon. NAPHN will not provide PH training or certification services and will not enter into direct contracts with organizations or companies for such services.

Reciprocal professional level membership: Members of NAPHN agree to extend the same benefits to professional members of other regional NAPHN member groups as it does to its own members.

NYPH members meet with Dr. Wolfgang Feist, 2010

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